How to Choose a Hair Loss Shampoo for Kids

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Hair loss or alopecia in children is not a very rare case, though unusual. There are other possible underlying causes too that mostly require attentive care from doctors.

Otherwise, it can be treated at home and will even be permanently gone within a year. Once you’ve identified the problem, you may have to start changing your behavior in treating your kids’ hair.

From brushing, styling to shampooing. Here we’ll specifically talk about shampooing.

Some parents will go with the home shampoo route, that is, by making their shampoo out of missing natural ingredients.

Other parents, such as you, maybe, may have too little time to spend on finding the ingredients and mixing them every time they need to wash their kids’ hair.

So, you opt for buying a natural shampoo instead. Many kids shampoo label their products as safe and gentle but as loving parents, checking and rechecking the ingredients never hurt.

For kids with sensitive conditions, you will have to check if there are synthetic fragrances or coloring that will hurt your kids’ hair, skin or scalp.

Here are some tips to note when looking for a suitable shampoo and also using them:

  • Never go for a shampoo with too many ingredients. Chances are they are made of more chemicals than natural ingredients. Ten should be the limit.

These ingredients are to be avoided:

  1. Sodium lauryl sulfate
  2. Ammonium lauryl sulfate
  3. Propylene glycol
  4. Lauryl alcohol and its derivatives
  5. Olefin sulfonate
  6. Mureth sulfate
  7. Ethylparaben
  8. Sodium hydroxide
  9. Methylisothiazolinone


An easy reminder is: anything that goes with sulfate should be avoided.

Parabens, fragrances, and Methylisothiazolinone (MI) are top three ingredients among some that should be avoided as mentioned in Foxnews call to avoid.

  • YES to Organic and NO to fragrances! As mentioned in Ladyzona any shampoo that uses ingredients that are dangerous for long-term use for fragrances, so unless it is natural, fragrances are a big NO.
  • Check for any possible deficiency on your child; if there is, find a shampoo that contains mostly that vitamin or minerals. Also, check if your kid is allergic to any substance.
  • Check for certification and consult with doctors to suggest for good brands and products to treat the hair loss.
  • Discuss with parents and read multiple reviews, if you have friends with children who had gone through similar issues, do not hesitate to ask for advice.
  • Limit the frequency of usage. WebMD gathered experts and explained that many people are washing their hair ‘too many times.’ You can instead comb your child’s hair slowly and softly instead of repeatedly washing and rinsing their hair.

Some of the products that will work with your children will be listed here.

You may compare the reviews to each other and decide if your children and you will be comfortable with it.

Organic Blessings Little Angel Shampoo and Body Wash

It has been tested clinically and certified by Oregon Tith and Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients.

This shampoo is free of all the toxic ingredients I mentioned and go 100% natural.

It is so soft that it is impossible to wash the naturally oily hair of adults.

The mildness of this shampoo is proven when hospitals procure the product to be used on newborn babies, so it is safe to be used on your little ones with hair fall issues.

It is also vegan and comes in two natural smelling scents: vanilla and orange.

Baby Gentle Wash and Shampoo

Another very mild and balanced shampoo with vegan ingredients. And also, another product that is almost impossible to wash oily, thick adult hair.

This shampoo is also free of paraben and most of the dangerous toxic substances listed above, though it does contain perfume (fragrances).

Many adults also use this product due to the sensitive scalp and prone to allergy.

If you as a parent has hands that are easily allergic, this shampoo will suit both you and your child’s need.

Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

Very recommended in MynonToxicTribe, it is certified as 100% natural and has been around for almost a century.

Dermatology test also proved this product to be safe for babies and children with a sensitive skin condition.

While it contains fragrance, the parents have tested and found out that the shampoo has a very light smell, indicating a very little composition in the shampoo.

Other adults with hair loss problem have tried the product and claimed that it works so well compared to many other baby products.

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